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Arcus is a social customer service platform providing an integrated solution for enterprises.

Arcus Social CRM enables customer support teams to serve their customers across social media. It offers unified view of customer engagement across the social media and 360 degree view of customer through deep integration with enterprise CRM.

Arcus Social Command Center enables organization to integrate social media across their business units and implement and leverage customer intelligence across their organizations. It provides a comprehensive view of customer voice, marketing campaigns, and customer service, and empowers organizations to manage their online reputation and be informed on the latest brand crises and trending stories.

Arcus provides tight integration with all types of enterprise systems, allowing businesses to benefit from all the analytics, engagement, workflows and reporting modules of the system. Arcusc can provide a complete social listening/workflow setup for an organization or provide in-premise installation of the solution.

To accommodate the needs of larger clients, Arcus implements Big Data technologies such as Hadoop to solve huge data volume processing problems.
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