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    We partner with organizations to help them achieve their objectives from automation initiatives. We provide end-to-end services for automating Business Processes as well as IT operations. We offer capabilities like RPA, Chatbot, Machine Learning, and rapid API integrations. We provide services throughout the RPA journey, from defining the strategy to continuous improvement and innovation, implementation, automation, integration, and support. Stream methodology is to holistically assess the need of the client and then begin with phasing out the issues in the current scope, standardizing input and output requirements, enhancing the process further, and then implementing robotics to automate repetitive tasks.

RPA applications include

  • Desktop – Reduce effort entering or re-keying data across systems, and improve worker activity tracking and monitoring. Give agents a single view of all relevant information.
  • Back Office – Optimize workflows, automate reports, consolidate and format reports
  • Fraud Detection – Reduce social engineering fraud and secure sensitive data. Use telephony forensics to detect fraudsters before they reach clients.
  • Security – Reduce login time to multiple systems, protect internal communications like password reset from cyber-attack, and ensure secure payments.
  • Regulatory compliance – Ensure PCI, HIPAA, and SOX-compliant processes are followed with full auditable control. Provide secure and foolproof disclosure and ensure agent compliance adherence.
  • Personalized Selling – Dynamically generate offers based on real-time customer context, purchase, service history, and preference.

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